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"You are getting 1hour of  FREE driving lessons to be conducted in a 2012 Kio Rio Automatic by a Certificate IV "Keys To Drive" accredited licensed driving instructor. No catches! and NO further purchase necessary!"

$125 in Bonuses also included!

2 Gift certificates for 2x1 hour lessons for only 55 instead of $70 each save $15 each

1x2 hour lesson for only 90 instead of $130 save $40

My complete P Plate Preparedness kit as sold for $55 from P PLATE PASS

How does the free lesson work?

The Keys To Drive Lesson is about helping make you as an "L Plater" become safer driver not just "pass your P Plate test"!

 As a driving Instructor with the latest industry  qualifications (Certificate 4)who has a 5 star ANCAP safety rated vehicle and has completed the "Keys To Drive Accreditation course" I am allowed to give you one free hour of driving instruction with no obligation to purchase further lessons to come out and explain how to:

  • Keep yourself safe as a P Plate driver!

  • Keep your friends safe!

  • Keep your license safe!

this lesson will be to show you how to learn to think for yourself, effectively making you "The supervisor" "The Instructor" and "The Assessor" you'll find out more in the lesson!

I'll come out to you free to conduct this lesson, within a 15K of Blacktown is the maximum distance. Anything suburb further than 15K up to 20K is $30 for petrol and time.

The first 30 minutes are conducted around the kitchen table, Mum, Dad or your supervising driver with their full drivers license will need to be there. The second 30 minutes Mum, Dad or your supervising driver must come out in the car with us this is the ONLY lesson that they need to be present (unless they want to be.)

All I ask is you're feeling refreshed, alert and have had plenty of sleep!

Because-This lesson just may be one of the most important you'll ever get!

I'll let you be the judge if you want me to come back or not! I'm passionate about helping young drivers stay safe (and keeping my blood pressure down when I see the way some of them drive;-)

 Photobucket During this lesson its essential that your supervising driver is present for the first one hour only of the lesson-no supervising driver? Sorry it will not be possible to conduct the session.

You will need to have an Australian learners permit and be going for your red P plates

It takes only a few minutes to set up your Free Lesson  I'm more than happy to organise your account for you, or you can it at:


You will be sent a number once you are registered I'll need that number and we are good to go.

You can text that number along with your details to the mobile number at the bottom of the page. Any questions? Please contact Me my details are at the bottom of this page and I'll be happy to help.


Your FREE  lesson will include my P Plate Preparedness Kit and all the bonuses for FREE!

Lots more information as well as some helpful free downloads to assess whether you're ready to take your P's click the link to my website below


Warm Regards

Kim Martin

NB!: If it is not possible for you to take the free Keys To Drive Lesson through distance restraints you are welcome to go to this link and get my P plate DVD kit for HALF Price.

Go To: www.fit2driveschool.com/pplatedvd/student.html

This is half the normal price that I have advertised at my website. No it isn't the same as having me next to you BUT it will save you spending an extra $50+ on sitting for the test again because you haven't remembered to do one of the things you'll need to do on the day to pass your test!

You will Get Immediate Access to the Download sections and your CD and DVD will be posted on the same day as your purchase. Yes postage cost is included.

Kim Thankyou so much for following up with Bradley. He passed his P Plate Test in  April , thanks very much to you. He focused on his steering and the information you gave, I believe helped him pass. In that one lesson you were so informative on what he needed to know to pass his P Plate Test.
If I could afford it I would have been more then happy to book further lessons with you. Maria Watson


Photobucket fit2driveschool@gmail.com or call Kim on 0409771606